Pilates and Astrology

You can use your astrological birth chart to supercharge your fitness and wellness goals. Every sign has it inherent strengths and weaknesses and each sign rules over specific body parts, from your head to your toes. Each planet points the way to specific body areas prone to inflammation, blockages, under performance, over performance, imbalances, and chronic problems. The combination of a planet and the sign it is in can you give you important information to enhance fitness performance, improve energy levels, and addressing vulnerable body areas related to that planet/sign combination.

Specifically I will be talking about your Mars sign (Not your Sun sign). Mars is your drive, courage, and attitude toward fitness, how you move through life. How well do you take care of your self? How often do you exercise? What types of exercise do you prefer? Does a specific sport create more injuries for you? What exercise should you be doing according to your Mars sign? Whatever sign your Mars is in will show you where inflammation can be a problem in your body. It won’t be the only place, but it will be the most problematic. Whichever house in your birth chart your Mars is in will also show a body area of inflammation. For example, every person I know with Mars in Cancer has digestion problems. See chart below.

Bottom line, Know your chart! Look at your chart and find your Mars. What sign and what house?

If you need a chart go to alabe.com it is free.

Below is a brief description of Mars in each sign. The body areas listed are more vulnerable because inflammation is more likely. I will be adding simple exercises that are ideal for each sign. A video showing these exercises will be coming along as well.

Mars in Aries – Rules the head and brain.

Mars in Taurus – Rules neck including throat, tonsils, thyroid.

Mars in Gemini – Rules shoulders, lungs, arms, hands, nerves.

Mars in Cancer – Rules stomach, chest/breasts, uterus, digestion.

Mars in Leo – Rules heart, upper back, bone marrow.

Mars in Virgo – Rules abdomen, small intestine, solar plexus, nerves.

Mars in Libra – Rules small of back, kidneys, ureters, bladder, ovaries.

Mars in Scorpio – Rules large intestine, bladder, sweat glands, genitals.

Mars in Sagittarius – Rules derriere, thighs, hips, sciatic nerve, locomotion, coordination.

Mars in Capricorn – Rules skin, skeleton, knees, joints teeth, ligaments, hair, nails.

Mars in Aquarius – Rules ankles calves, nerve impulses, venous circulation.

Mars in Pisces – Rules feet, toes, body fluids, immune system, lymph system.