The Myth of Working on the Pain

Melt Method utilizes principles that are not always relatable, for now anyway. Mainstream fitness and therapeutic techniques teach us that we must go to directly to the area that is causing us weakness or a problem. If you want to strengthen your low back then go directly to that low back by leaning over a bench and lift your torso until those muscles are exhausted. If your neck hurts then go directly to the neck and dig into the muscles. 

Here is one of the principles of Melt Method: 

The Melt Method focuses on the principle that pain or discomfort in the low back or in the shoulder girdle is caused by the connective tissues of the torso body mass (not the organs in the torso) being dehydrated. This means the spinal joints can not ideally align and the shoulder girdle can not align over the pelvic girdle.

Hydrating connective tissues lets the joints align in the torso mass, it relieves the compression in low back and neck. Now low back pain or shoulder pain can go away. Do you see the difference?

Here is another way of describing it. If your neck has compression in the joints it will cause pain. Melt Method perspective is that there is dehydration and misalignment in tissues of torso mass or head/skull mass and causes the compression. Melt Method techniques of hydrating the masses of the head/skull and torso will let joints align which reduces compression in the neck. 

If you’ve had regular bodywork by a chiropractor or massage therapist for example, then this concept won’t be completely foreign to you. You have probably noticed that a practitioner can find a really tight and tender area and work on it in the upper back and then your neck feels better. Occasionally working on the feet and ankles can reduce pain in the neck as well for another example. The area that hurts or is weak isn’t always the area that is causing the problem.

Like exercise and therapeutic modalities one treatment isn’t enough. Our bodies are continually under stress, all kinds of stress. 

Sitting at your desk all day = stress

Bodyweight exercise for and hour = stress

These daily stresses dehydrate the body’s tissues. The heavy masses of the body must be regularly hydrated and aligned to consistently reduce and eventually eliminate pain and discomfort for the long term.

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Self Care and This Month’s Eclipse

The significance of eclipses goes back thousands of years. They predicted the rise and fall of kings and conquerors. An eclipse is when one of the luminaries, the Sun or Moon, has its light blocked by the other luminary. Since the Sun and Moon have the most effect on Earth’s atmosphere (Sun creates our seasons and Moon moves the tides) losing their light for the smallest amount of time disrupts the Earth’s energetic field and atmosphere. 

From an astrological point of view, eclipses create dramatic events, globally and sometimes personally. A royal may be born, a war might start or a world leader could die or be overthrown. What is the theme for this month’s eclipse? We are looking at the eclipse through the lens of fitness and wellness. Eclipses can trigger an event in the next 6 months on a personal scale. On a global scale you’ll notice groups of people and national or global systems as a focal point. The effects are strongest for 2 weeks surrounding the time of the eclipse.

The eclipse on June 21, 2020 is in Cancer 0 degrees. This is a sign of sensitivity, nourishment, and family. Cancer rules these areas of the body: stomach, upper digestion, breasts, uterus, gall bladder, salivary glands to name most of them. Now more so than other times is important to pay attention to what food you are putting your mouth. Use the sensitivity of the crab to sense how your digestion is working, how are you feeding yourself for good health? Now is not the time to stuff your feelings down with food. This time period will also have an emphasis on family and family can drive you crazy! Instead of letting the crazy family get to you try to use that energy for a family workout. Get everyone sweating and burning up energy. Everyone will feel better afterward.

Alternatively, you could get a weekly workout on the schedule with your sister or brother or exchange recipes with mom for healthy meals. Be sensitive to how a family member might be having trouble fitting exercise, physical activity or healthy eating into their schedule. 

Your personal birth chart can lead you to your individualized themes for the next 6 months. Find Cancer sign in your chart (which house does it occupy?) and that is the area of your life you’ll need to focus on. If Cancer lands on your 5th house you’ll want to address eating around social activities. If it’s in your 4th the eating issues are when you are at home. You’ll need to look up what each of house (there are 12) means.

You’ll feel compelled to look at this area because of the eclipse and how it affects your daily life from the events happening around you. Now take a note if you have any planets, Ascendant or Midheaven in your chart at the 0 or 1 degrees Capricorn, Libra, or Aries. If you do, then this eclipse will create more events in your life, more than for someone who has no planets or points at those specific degrees.

With planets and points at 0 and 1 degrees it’s more important for you to revisit meal plans, digestive issues and family support systems. The planet Mercury is also in Cancer now and is currently going backward. This adds to the theme of reevaluating, reviewing & redoing. 

Knowing this information and planning ahead of time makes it possible for you to work with the eclipse energy instead of letting it happen to you.

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Put Down the Device, a Friendly Reminder

The age of constant daily use of tech devices has been with us for years now. Do you find yourself looking something up on your tablet and then bring over your phone to check something else, then before you realize it you have them both infant of you as you sit at your desk with your desktop computer on? There are obvious detrimental results of this constant device handling: eye strain, carpal tunnel syndrome and neck strain to name a few. But did you realize you hold your breath very time you pick up your device?

Tech apnea, coined by breathingroom. com, you’re doing it with out realizing it. Why would this happen? Holding the breath is usually the result of stress or a threat. Anticipating results or news in social media manifests as stress, could also manifest as a feeling of threat. This stress or threat results in tension in your breathing mechanics. These mechanics include muscles between your ribs, the diaphragm and in neck/chest area and all the fascia covering those areas. 

We breathe thousands and thousands of times a day, everyday. Repeated habits have long term affects. Picking up devices all day long is a repeated habit, holding your breath while picking up devices all day long is a repeated habit. Do you see where I’m going with this?  These repeated habits are stressful habits, the long term affects are bad breathing mechanics. Bad breathing mechanics lead to vulnerabilities to respiratory diseases, not what you want in the year 2020.

Health Tip– Stop and notice your breath through the day like Aimee Hartley did, recounted in this article. This is what happen when you hold your breath. 

Each person takes about 19,000 breaths every day, something that vital to your existence deserves some undivided attention, more than your devices do.

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