Mars in Aries June 27, 2020 – Jan 6, 2021

Watch your head!  Off with their heads! Don’t lose your head! You can have a head start. Heads Up! Off the top of my head. Over my head. Head and shoulders above the rest.

There are many idioms with the word head in them. Astrologically speaking, Aries does come first in the zodiac. Makes sense the Aries rules over the head and brain of the body. Some types of astrology associates the first house of an astrological chart with Aries too. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars. Every sign is paired with a planet. The nature of the planet helps to describe the nature of the sign(s) it’s paired with. Mars is hot and dry.

Every planet has its most strength or power when it is in the sign it rules. Mars likes and performs well when in the sign of Aries. Mars does well creating courage and conflict.

This post is about Mars’ current sign position. Mars left Pisces, where it was for 6 weeks, and is now in Aries for, wait for it…

6 months.

Yep, this an extra long stay for Mars in one its own signs. Mars will be going retrograde (9/9 to 11/13) which really slows it down. And Mars and Aries don’t like slowing down, ever.

Mars represents how we physically move through life, our battles our courage, our competitive spirit and our body’s energy. All things we can work within modify if needed. It’s easier when Mars in Aries. Both like to be quick, spontaneous and impulsive. 

Since Aries rules the head and brain, snap decisions get made, a quick temper can be ignited or you just might bonk your head on something because you’re in such a hurry.

With Mars traveling through Aries right now is a perfect time to try a new exercise or workout routine. What would especially be beneficial right now is brain work. Your body and/or brain could use a new workout. Brain exercises can be done on their own or you can add them to some of your regular exercises. I have one exercise video posted on my Instagram that incorporates brainwork into a well know exercise. @Cosmik_fitness

Any exercise that requires more coordination (like Pilates) benefits the brain tremendously. In these next 6 months I want you to add more coordination challenging exercises to your routine. Take an exercise you know and change up how you do it. And add a completely new exercise that might make you feel awkward and uncoordinated at first and then you get better and better at.

The retrograde period when Mars appears to be going backward is Sept 9th to Nov 13th. This is the period of time where you want to revaluate the changes you made. What ever exercise you changed or new exercise added you can now review if it’s providing the benefit you thought it would. You’ll want to change it during this 2 month period and find the exercise that keeps you on your toes, so to speak.

The last note about Mars in Aries is to watch for inflammation in head and brain area. This includes fevers, headache, unusual neck pain/stiffness nausea, dizziness, irregular breathing, vision changes and memory loss. Include foods in your diet that are known for reducing inflammation.

Here is an article about foods that help prevent inflammation in the brain.

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