Put Down the Device, a Friendly Reminder

The age of constant daily use of tech devices has been with us for years now. Do you find yourself looking something up on your tablet and then bring over your phone to check something else, then before you realize it you have them both infant of you as you sit at your desk with your desktop computer on? There are obvious detrimental results of this constant device handling: eye strain, carpal tunnel syndrome and neck strain to name a few. But did you realize you hold your breath very time you pick up your device?

Tech apnea, coined by breathingroom. com, you’re doing it with out realizing it. Why would this happen? Holding the breath is usually the result of stress or a threat. Anticipating results or news in social media manifests as stress, could also manifest as a feeling of threat. This stress or threat results in tension in your breathing mechanics. These mechanics include muscles between your ribs, the diaphragm and in neck/chest area and all the fascia covering those areas. 

We breathe thousands and thousands of times a day, everyday. Repeated habits have long term affects. Picking up devices all day long is a repeated habit, holding your breath while picking up devices all day long is a repeated habit. Do you see where I’m going with this?  These repeated habits are stressful habits, the long term affects are bad breathing mechanics. Bad breathing mechanics lead to vulnerabilities to respiratory diseases, not what you want in the year 2020.

Health Tip– Stop and notice your breath through the day like Aimee Hartley did, recounted in this article. This is what happen when you hold your breath. 

Each person takes about 19,000 breaths every day, something that vital to your existence deserves some undivided attention, more than your devices do.

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