Your Workout by Sign Element

What’s your sign? The most commonly asked astrological question. Also, the most superficial question. But has anyone asked you what’s your sign’s element?

Do you even know what element your sign belongs to? My Mars  is in the sign of Sagittarius, a Fire sign. There are two other Fire signs, can you name them?

This post will be focused on all the signs that show up in your chart. I will not be talking about just your Sun or Mars sign here.

There are four elements in astrology: Fire, Air, Water & Earth. Three signs per element. 

Fire = Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Air = Gemin, Libra, Aquarius

Water = Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Earth = Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Now you know each sign’s element. The elements describe the type of energy the sign uses to accomplish tasks or make decisions.

Do you notice some people are quick & action oriented, jumping ahead without any thought? While other people are slow, methodical and analytical, making logical decisions before acting on anything? These are extreme opposites of course, but each element has its certain way of doing things.

So, we want to go a little deeper than what element your Mars sign is. We want to look at all the planets and important points in your chart and which sign they each are in. You have about 7 visible celestial bodies (Sun to Saturn), 3 non-visible celestial bodies (Uranus, Neptune & Pluto) and 2 sensitive points (Rising sign & Midheaven) to look at. 

Here’s an example: Your sun sign might be in Taurus (Earth) and your Mars in Scorpio (Water), but you have all remaining planets & points in Air signs. This would mean you are predominately the element Air. Chances are you will relate to Air qualities much more than Earth & Water.

Now, here is how each element’s energy is described.

Fire – This energy is ignited quickly, its heat intense, burning off things not needed or wanted anymore, it transforms whatever it touches. The Fire workout will feel inspired & creative, like a sprint.

Air – This energy will feel adaptable with many variables. This energy needs change and variety to connect with other energies. The Air workout feels like a triathlon, especially in a relay situation to achieve the sense of different events connecting to one goal.

Water – This energy feels like nourishment, a sensitive and deliberate approach that wants activities to include the soul’s purpose. The water workout is like yoga class or spiritual yoga retreat.

Earth – This energy is grounding, it builds practicality and predictability. It is slow to build into a stable routine. The Earth workout is like a marathon and its regimented/structured training leading up to it. 

So you probably feel connected to one of these workouts more than the others because it represents the element dominance in your chart. Does this mean you should only do this type of workout? NO, definitely not. You can do any of type of element workouts described above.

You may really enjoy that Fire workout, but your chart does have other elements in it. Indulge the Air, Water, & Earth elements a little bit and you’ll feel closer to being a whole person.

In fact, what you can also do is use one element as a type of remedy for your dominant one. If Air is your dominant element and you have only been doing circuit type workouts, you can remedy that by adding a weekly yoga class. The remedy of yoga will make you feel more centered. 

A common mistake people (including some of my clients) make is picking one type of exercise or activity and then only doing that several times a week. While regular weekly exercise is good, it should not be at the expense variety of movement, no one type of exercise can give your body everything it needs.

Stop being a slave to your habits in exercise, they will eventually stop challenging you anyway. You will most likely acquire sport/activity specific injuries. Our bodies and souls were not created to be so narrow minded. We must at least try to incorporate other types of exercise and activities into our routines. The cross training recommendation so common now is the exactly for these reasons.

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