Your Feet and Exercise

Mars is changing signs this week, from Aquarius to Pisces. It’s time to think about the feet for the next 6 weeks. Specifically your feet relative to your exercise routine. The planet Mars will be in Pisces May 14 to June 27th. Mars is our go to planet when considering our fitness level and fave activities. From couch potato to pro athlete Mars will describe your How & What intensity level you operate from and When energy & intensity rises and falls. 

The planet Mars transits through the signs showing us where inflammation can pop up or the body area accidents could affect. It does this by the sign it is in for about 6 weeks. Every physical body area needs and gets some attention at some point.

Pisces rules the feet and toes. It also has domain over your immune system (ahem, fight that virus off) and the lymphatic system. In other words, how are the fluids in your body moving?

The energy for the next 6 weeks is a slow, meandering, go with the flow energy, very different than last 6 weeks of Aquarian energy.

The tendencies of Pisces are to slack off and visit dream world, to sacrifice or surrender too easily and to escape. All of these tendencies can be turned into constructive opportunities. Especially with our enforced restrictions of safer at home you can fall too easily into ignoring your own personal boundaries.

This is what you can do. Pick one day a week to let go, to slack off, binge watch your favorite tv show or have an extra cookie. Learn how to do self lymphatic massage or regular massage from an online tutorial. Stick to your supplement regimen to keep your immune system fortified, regularly use you dream world to envision your ultimate exercise workout or how you can add to it creatively. Eat foods that are good for building your blood. Set a daily limit to any indulgences.

Here are some specific dates that will help guide your energy levels as Mars moves through Pisces. 

May 17-This day does not have a Mars aspect, but Sun trines Jupiter.Energy levels will be up and positive attitudes will be contagious.         

May 24- Around this day it would be great to try a new, exciting exercise at home.

June 2nd – 6th- These are challenging days, you may find it especially hard to stick to personal limits.

June 13- This is themes challenging day, Mars conjunct Neptune. Use this as a meandering day, take care of yourself by not finishing anything, no deadlines here regarding your health or fitness.

June 15th – 27th- The remainder of this time has more movement, more energy to exercise, to be good to yourself in a healthy way.

Now for some Pilates exercises for your feet! The feet get a lot of focus in Pilates. We have an entire series called footwork on the reformer, you probably already know this. If you have a reformer at home this series is a must during this 6 week period. Here are exercises to do on your own if you don’t have a reformer. You’ll need a stretch band and/or wall you can put your feet up on.

1-Stretch band work- Lie on back one foot in band wrapped around ball of foot – flex, point, repeat. Try to sequence the joints of the foot. Ankle flexed, point with ball of foot first then add the toes, reverse this now. Bring toes back first, then ball of foot.

2-On wall- Legs bent, lie on back, feet rest on wall curl toes & foot knuckles to crawl up the wall (like an inchworm)

3-Cat position on all fours, keep neutral spine bend/tuck toes & push heels back, lift knees off floor about 2 inches, hold position 5-10 seconds. Make it harder by walking forward & backward in this position (knees stay off floor). Lift opposite hand foot to travel forward or backward.

4- Plank, use this to improve toe and ankle flexibility. Use what you gained in #3 above to flex ankles more in your plank. Make it harder by walking forward & backward in your plank as in #3.

Chances are you never thought so much about your feet before, especially when you are working your abs so much too! Remember, Pilates exercises are full body exercises. Every body part needs to be a part of the movement. This 6 week period gives you a chance to pay extra attention to your feet. Go to my Instagram cosmik_fitness to the videos of the exercises. 

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