Sitting causes Stress

What the heck!? We are safer at home right now, but our increased daily posture of sitting is still making our bodies stressed out. 

Besides the stress of no job, very little social life and not enough money even the most active of us is still sitting more than usual. All the sitting around is great for catching up on your favorite TV shows and finding new fave shows, but it’s definitely not great for the body’s backside. And I’m not just talking about everyone’s enemy, cellulite. 

Sitting at your computer, sitting in front of the TV, sitting at the dining room table, sitting for your virtual happy hour. And now you have an over stretched low back and neck, compressed hamstrings, and a forward head, congratulations. Thank you highly developed civilization.

 This is why it feels like your hip flexors are tight, this is why you feel stiff when you get up out of your chair, couch, car and toilet seat. This is why you push yourself too hard in your workout to try to make up for it. This is why you get injured. The cycle of stress to injury, needs to be broken. Break the cycle!

Your fascia is the key. The word comes from latin, it means ”band”. Fascia is defined as “a thin sheath of fibrous tissue enclosing a muscle or other organ”. 

If fascia gets over stretched and compressed it becomes dehydrated, areas of it become obstacles to fluid flow, it is unable to support your muscles, nerves & organs. Fascia covers your entire body and envelops your muscles (and ligaments & tendons), it requires a state of fluidity to do its job optimally. 

Over stretched and compressed fascia means your muscles can’t hold the torso and pelvis in alignment, they have to adapt to a stressful alignment causing the tightness and stiffness you feel after sitting for long periods. Our bodies are really good at adapting to our detriment.

This is why I practice and teach Melt Method, it was specifically created to help your fascia, to rehydrate it. Small, regular doses of Melt Method treatments bring your fascia and therefore your muscles, torso & pelvis back into alignment. Melt Method brings a fluid state back to your fascia making it quick to respond and quick to hold you in ideal alignment.

There are many Melt Method sequences created to address specific issues & activities, including excessive sitting(!) to alleviate daily stress.

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