Part 2 Pilates home workout, Most Common Mistakes

Part 1 blog post covered the first 2 common mistakes in Pilates form and technique. Now I write about the 3rd most common mistake, hand & wrist placement when in position on all fours (on hands & knees or hands & toes).

Fix common mistake #3

Do your wrists hurt after being on your hands and knees?

Wrist exercises: on hands and knees (or against a wall if needed) lean body weight in all directions forward, backward, left, right, and circling. Then do this with hands turned at different angles. Fingers turned in, turned out, try as many angles as you can. Please try to keep elbows straight. Video on Instagram cosmik_fitness

There are a couple reasons for wrist pain. First, you probably don’t do exercise on the floor on your hands on a regular basis. This is easily fixed by gradually spending more time in this position in plank, side plank and cat. 

The second reason is lack of flexibility at the wrist joint, I see this usually in older adults. As we age our joints and tissues tend to become less flexible or mobile. Passive stretching your wrists can help some. Leaning on your hands and wrists is the most effective way to increase range and mobility. You just need to do it gradually. 

So how do you fix common mistakes? Practice. 

Pick one of the above common mistakes and make it a project. Every time you do your Pilates workout consciously make your body attempt to improve it. You might think that’s enough, not yet!  Try to incorporate it into 2 or 3 other Pilates exercises to improve your project. That means spend 5 minutes on an exercise that forces you to work on the common mistake you selected.

I guarantee that this method done gradually and moderately will improve common mistakes you might make and turn it into proper Pilates technique. 

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