Astrological help with Covid 19

Are you more susceptible to viruses? Are you one of those people that gets colds, flu, or  chest infections regularly or chronically? Using the practice of astrology we can see if the respiratory system is vulnerable in an individual looking at the birth chart. I’m keeping this part simplified. Some knowledge of astrology is needed to understand some terms below. Each sign has rulership over a body area. In this case the main sign to look for is Gemini. Gemini rules the lungs and actions of breathing. Out of the 12 houses in a chart the house to look at in your chart is the 3rd. Gemini is associated with the third house. If you have any planet in the sign of Gemini or any planet in the third house there is more risk of problems with the lungs.

If you want to see a list of what body areas are ruled by what signs go to my website page Pilates & Astrology. Since fitness is ruled by planet Mars the astrological focus is on Mars in each sign. 

Why do some people react more to viruses than other people? Why do some people recover easily and some don’t? Just like any thing else, each person has their unique vulnerabilities. 

The more planets in Gemini or 3rd house, the more likely of an issue. It’s not a guarantee of a problem just a likely possibility of a problem. One more thing I want to mention here is to look for any square or opposition aspects to Gemini planets or planets in the 3rd house. If there are these aspects then there is likely some difficulty in the lungs.

So what is coming up this year as the planets move through the skies? I’m only going to bring up how this year’s planetary positions will affect your Gemini planets. If you have planets in the 3rd house they could be in any sign and need to be considered on an individual case.

Here is some positive news, Saturn (chronic issues) has moved into Aquarius, an air sign. Until Aug 24 Saturn can only make an easy aspect to Gemini planets. If you have any, cold, flu or viral issues now they won’t be made worse. Saturn returns to Capricorn briefly and moves into Aquarius again for about 3 years. We also have Venus in Gemini at the beginning of the month. Venus usually helps or provides some relief. Venus will be staying extra long in gemini this year, because of retrograde movement 5/13- 6/25. Venus stays in Gemini until 8/7/20. 

The main issue coming up is a Mars square Saturn 8/24. It looks like a little setback for the U.S. in general. This square will trigger the retro Mercury in the US chart. This does not trigger any Gemini planets though. 

Two more minor difficult aspects happen around the same time, 8/30 & 9/11 Mercury then Sun will oppose Neptune, ruler of the immune system. If you have Gemini planets at 18-20 degrees you as an individual could be affected by this. 

How to cope with this coming year? Support yourself. Check with your doctor or health care professional to make sure you are doing everything you can to keep body systems operating optimally. 

If you have a Gemini planet or 3rd house planets spend more time on breathing exercises. Fitness like pilates or yoga and meditation will help with the focus of breathing. Investigate online to find other types of breathing exercises. There are more out there than you realize!

My last post has a link to many types of breathing exercises.

Know your chart, it’s a great way to stay prepared.

Even if you don’t have any Gemini planets or 3rd house planets breathing exercises will help your entire body fight against  possible microscopic invaders. Better breathing equals less stress=better immunity.

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