What is Pilates?

Pilates improves the mind, body and soul. It is for every body because it not only exercises the muscles it corrects the muscle firing patterns in concert with the nervous system and corrects any negative postural adaptations.

The focus required by Pilates movement creates a more disciplined mind. Accessing forgotten or under used muscles is part of every Pilates exercise. When you’re more comfortable with these new muscles your body awareness increases exponentially, it is inevitable.

A deeper connection with your physical body and your mindful movement brings happiness to your soul. Anytime you do something for the self that takes you closer to wholeness your soul will celebrate. It could be those endorphins kicking in, but Pilates gives you an inner grace and whole body connection that is lacking in other exercise.

Work with Kimberly

Kimberly has been certified & teaching the Pilates Method since 1998. She focuses on making movement awareness part of her clients’ daily life. There is exercise and then there is a fitness lifestyle. The more Pilates concepts a client takes home and applies to daily living and other workouts the better performance and injury prevention will be.

She is also a trained Melt Method instructor since 2016. Melt is like Do-It-Yourself physical therapy, it re-hydrates the entire body’s fascia system or connective tissues. Melt eliminates pain & improves performance. She teaches Melt in privates or small groups and incorporates it into Pilates sessions.

She is a Health Coach specializing on simple, natural, & spiritual ways to bring your health to the highest level. Optimal health is more than just the absence of disease. She works one on one to improve Mental, Emotional, Physical & Spiritual health & fitness.

Find me on Instagram @astrology.of.fitness Get my unique tips for exercise and health practices.

Services Offered

*One on one private sessions virtually (during pandemic) in Pilates training or Melt Method instruction.

*Duo or small group classes on Zoom in Pilates training or Melt Method.

Weekly on Thursdays: small group Melt Method class at 11:00am on Zoom. *Melt Method roller and Melt Method ball set required to participate.

*Astrological Fitness and Wellness consulting for your personal birth chart for 1 year. -Includes the 2-3 key exercises to perform specifically for you based on your chart. -Which body areas are prone to injury, which types of exercises to focus on. -How to time your performance & energy levels throughout the year, what type of therapeutic remedies will help you. -When injuries are likely to occur and how susceptible to sickness & the current virus pandemic you are.

Kimberly says:

“No matter what injury one has physical movement can be a regular practice in one’s life.”

Her ongoing movement training and education has made it possible for her to handle a multitude of conditions: scoliosis, disc injuries, tendinitis, arthritis, loss of balance, sport specific injuries and golf conditioning.

Pilates and Melt Method has helped her recover from the hard demands of roller derby, trapeze and aerial silk training.

I am working with clients online privately and as duos, Pilates or Melt Method. Astrological Fitness & Wellness consult can be done on its own or added to your Pilates or Melt Method sessions.

Special Pandemic pricing: First Time Clients- 4 privates $240 ($60 each) 4 duos $120 each person ($30 ea for each person) Add Astrological Fitness & Wellness $75

Melt Method group class $15/class

Astrological Fitness & Wellness for 1 year $100 by itself. See above for description.

When the world is back to normal Kimberly teaches private and duo sessions at Core Body Studio in West Los Angeles. First time client Special- First session $50.

When the world is back to normal. In studio pricing: 8 privates $600 ($75 each) 8 duo sessions $320 ($40 ea for each person) Single private $80. Single duo each person $50. Add Astrological Fitness & Wellness $75.