Pilates Test

Here are some simple tests that tell you how mobile you are, how body aware you are and how much control you have over your body. I’ll add pictures for each one soon.

1-Can you sit at 90 degrees with your legs straight (and relaxed) in front of you while keeping neutral spine and feet fully flexed at ankles (not toes)?

2-Can you keep your neck relaxed while hands are holding your head in an abdominal curl while keeping neutral spine? (knees bent, feet on floor)

3-Do you know if you spine curvature (view from side) is ideal, sway back, kyphotic, lordotic, or swayback?

4-Do you know if your leg alignment (view from front) is ideal, knock kneed, or bowlegged? (When viewing all toes must face forward, not turned out) Hint: there are different degrees of knock knee and bow legged shapes.

5-Do you know if your body is generally hyper mobile at the joints or tight? ( Everyone falls into one or the other, generally)

6-Lie down on the floor. Does your mid back feel heavy on the floor? Do your thighs feel heavy? Does the left side of your body feel the same as your right side of your body? If you have ideal alignment then your answers will all be a Yes. If you had a no to any or all the questions it’s ok, it is easily fixed.